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Large gear motor


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This is just a cutaway view.

This is a gear head or gear reduction motor. Operating voltage is 24 volts DC but runs very nicely at 12 volts DC. It has about a 7:1 gear ratio, all metal gears, replaceable brushes, self lubricating bronze bearings and, the motor has 7 poles. This motor has excellent torque most likely above 10 oz/in torque. They are high quality and durable. The motor body is about 29mm and the gear head is about 35mm. The total length is 90mm including the shaft . The shaft is 5mm in diameter. 

This Motor can be used for: Robotic animation, Turntables,  Re-powering "O" and "G" scale model trains (like the Bachman SHAY or Climax.) for realistic slow running and high pulling power. You could also use them for rotating display tables.

They have all been tested and run very smooth with no cogging. 
They can be rebuilt cleaned and the gear head re-lubricated. 

Please call or e-mail  for pricing.

large high tork motors

The motor on the left is a large precision can motor rated @ 12vdc and has a single output shaft and 7 poles with high torque and it is a coreless design. This means that the windings rotate around the center magnet. I only have a few of these motors. The price is $20.00ea plus shipping

The middle motor is a 22 volt DC motor that has a torque rating of 1 oz/in @ 5248 rpm. It has easily replaceable brushes. The length is 65 mm w/o shaft, diameter is 29mm, shaft length of 8 mm and an shaft length of about 4 mm. This motor can be adapted for dual outputs because of the small shaft on the brush end. The bearings are bronze. This motor can be easily rewound for different speeds and torques. Price is $ 10.00ea plus shipping

The motor on the right is a large can type 5 pole motor rated at 2 oz/in torque @ 3100 rpm. It has bronze bearings, copper shim mounted brushes and is rated @ 20 volts DC. The length is 65mm w/o shaft,  diameter is 37mm, front shaft length is 8mm and end shaft is 3mm. This also could be made into a dual shaft motor with lots of torque. This motor is a replacement for the Aristocraft "G" scale Pacific Steamer! 

Price is $12.00ea plus shipping

For more info and pricing on any of these motors call or e-mail:

medium tack motor

This is a 12 volt DC shielded CAN type motor with a tachometer built in.
The dimensions are approximately: Diameter with shield = 28mm, Diameter with out shield = 26mm, Length with out shaft = 50mm, Shaft length = 9mm and shaft diameter is 2.5mm.
The output shaft bearing is a small  ball bearing type and the rear bearing is bronze compressed.
It has 3 poles with an integral tachometer that at 12 volts DC has an output signal of  approximately 8 volts p-p@ 550 Hz.
The brushes are copper spring shim mounted and you can get this motor with or without the shielding or the tachometer. The integral tachometer magnet has a nice flywheel effect.
This motor can be used for a variety of modeling applications and can be easily rewound to your specific need.
Price is $12.50ea plus shipping
For more info and pricing on any of these motors call or e-mail:

small precision motors

The motors in this picture are small 12 volt motors. they are all single output shafts and have 3 to 7 poles. The motor on the lower left is all ball bearing and the rest are bronze self lubricating. 
Prices vary. Specify the number of the motor that you are interested in and I will give you a price on it.

 For more info and pricing on any of these motors call or e-mail:

This is a one of the smoothest running motors that I've seen yet!!
Its 2 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. 

It has 9 poles or segments and is made for 12volt operation but I had it ripping along at 50 volts with no problems at all. You will feel absolutely no cogging at low speeds. It's a coreless design which means the windings are not wound around an iron core. They are pressed into a cylinder shape and they rotate around the magnetic core.

They also call motors like this " low inertia motors". You don't even feel cogging when the motor is turned off and you spin the shaft. It free wheels nicely.
I had it hooked up to a 9 volt battery and had a hard time trying to stop the shaft with my fingers.
It is also ultra quiet when it runs.
If nothing else, it's worth just having one just to see this thing run.

The price for this type of motor is $23.00each.

They are getting scarce and I only have a few left.


For more info and pricing on any of these motors call or e-mail:
This is a large 2 shaft 20volt DC motor that is rated at 52 OZ inches of torque.
At 20vdc and 10 amps it spins at 2600rpm and it has 11 poles .
It is approximately 2.25inches in diameter and 5inches long with 1/4 inch diameter shafts.
The front shaft is 1.25 inches long and the rear shaft is 1 inch long.
I had this one up to 100vdc with no problems.
It has heavy duty ball bearings and it runs very smoothly with negligible cogging. 
It can to power a large G scale train or maybe a BATTLE BOT?!?
Price is $45.00 ea. plus shipping 

 For more info and pricing on any of these motors call or e-mail:
This is a very high torque gear head motor with fly back circuitry.
It is rated at 24vdc and has over 100 OZ inches or torque at 200 rpm.
You can take the gear off and put any kind of pulley on it to suit your application.
$10.95 ea. plus shipping

This is a large DC single shaft motor that is rated as follows:
24 vdc, 8.5 amps, 2400RPM, 1/8th Hp.
It has 29 poles on its commutator and the brushes are 3/16ths square.
It is a very powerful and smooth running motor.
The output shaft has a pulley on it for a cogged belt.

I have 8 of these left.

Price is $40.00

For more info and pricing on any of these motors call or e-mail:

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